Is It Time for an Oil Change? Why is It Important?

Oil changes can seem like a redundant part of owning your vehicle, but the truth is, they really do help with the performance of your vehicle. The oil that you put into your vehicle, whether synthetic or conventional, helps to lubricate your engine’s parts and make your performance ideal. Synthetic oil tends to be more widely recommended because of its additives that make this oil choice better for lubrication and more intense driving. If you happen to have a slightly older vehicle and you don’t commute as often and use it for driving around town, conventional oil could be an option to consider.

It is important to routinely follow your oil changing recommendations to keep your engine lubricated properly to do its job and for you to enjoy the performance you fell in love with when you first purchased your vehicle. If you need your oil changed, or would like more information regarding which oil type is best for your vehicle, come down to Park Chrysler Jeep!

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