Reasons Not to Panic When a Check Engine Light Comes On

A moment of panic is understandable when a check engine light flashes on. However, panicking will not solve the problem. There is a numeral amount of reasons why the light is on, and they may not be as serious as you think.

1. The problem could be a loose or cracked gas cap. This allows fuel to evaporate and it alerts the vehicle’s sensors.

2. It could be a damaged vacuum hose or ignition coil. Your catalytic converter may also be on the brink.

3. Your spark plugs may need changing.

That flickering check engine light is a reminder that something is off and that it is time to check in with a qualified technician. You may be on a long road where you have to keep driving when it comes on. Whether in the city or on a country road, watch your temperature gauge to make sure the engine is not overheating. For the best diagnostics and engine assistance, call us today at Park Chrysler Jeep.

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