What is the Park Advantage?

The Park Advantage is a protection package deal that we offer on all of our vehicles. Take a look below to see the enormous advantages, and how it will affect your trade in price when it comes time to get another vehicle.

Additional Trade Credit = $1,299.95


1) Cal-Tex Paint & Fabric Protection ($1000 Retail Value)

7 Years / Unlimited Mileage

  • Environmental Damage to Paint
  • Tree Sap, Acid Rain, Bird Waste, Salt, Chemicals, Hard Water, etc.
  • Interior Protection from stains, fading, dye transfers, etc.


2) Diamond Fusion Windshield Protection ($500 Retail Value)

5 Years / Unlimited Mileage

  • Strengthens Glass to resist chips/cracks.
  • Improves visibility in the rain/Reduces glare at night, improving overall reaction time.


3) Allstate Complete Protection ($1,500 Retail Value)

7 Years / Unlimited Mileage

Unlimited Protection from:

  • Paintless Dents/Dings
  • Interior Damage – Rips, cuts, tears & burns less than 2″
  • Catastrophic Tire & Wheel Damage – bent/broken wheels that will no longer allow tire to seal.
  • Cosmetic Damage to Alloy Wheels – “Curb Rash”/other cosmetic damage from road debris.
  • Lost or Damaged Keys and/or fobs.
    *1 key per year/up to $800 per key.


Total Retail Value:


Net Out of Pocket:



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